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¿Conoces el término “Aqui-hiring”?


Hace unas semanas leímos la siguiente frase: “ contratar personal en una startup es todo un arte”. A la hora de seleccionar aquella persona que forme parte de un equipo nos gustaría encontrar a alguien que contenga estas dos palabras: cultura y unidad.

Empresas como Google, Facebook y Zynga están cubriendo algunas de sus apuestas de contratación con una nueva técnica llamada Aqui-Hiring con el fin de adquirir personas con talento y brillantes. En esta web podemos encontrar un video explicativo de esta técnica.

Además OnlineMBA (el portal del que hablamos) nos muestra videos muy originales sobre entrevistas, el liderazgo de las mujeres en los negocios… ¡échale un vistazo!

Aquí tienes la transcripción de este video:

The hallmark of the best start-ups is mission-driven employees. In fact, Facebook offered to purchase start-up mobile app company Glancee just to get to the startup’s exceptional talent – not for the actual business.# If you want to hire employees for your start-up that are worthy of a bidding war, here’s how to do it:

1. Tap the friend base: Chances are your awesome programmer is friends with other awesome programmers (or sales person, or any other position). Give your employees and biggest customer fans an incentive for referrals – whether it’s cash, a good parking spot, or a cupcake tree, whatever you can afford. Dropbox offered 250 megabytes of free storage to their most devoted fans in exchange for a successful referral.

2. Take your time: Start-up Airbnb interviewed for three months before hiring their first employee – it just took that long to find the right culture fit. Airbnb also has all candidates meet with not only the head of department they will work for, but the whole team as well.

3. Put them to the Test: In an effort to recruit only the cleverest programmers, Instagram had interviewees complete a photo challenge – writing a program that takes a shredded photo and reassembles it.

4. Fight for the culture: Don’t let someone in the door that isn’t a good culture fit – culture and mission are what drive start-ups. E-commerce store Zappos offers new-hires $2,000 to quit during training, an opportunity to get out if it’s not a good fit. While that’s a bit extreme, startups should be just as stringent about never-bending when it comes to only hiring people who embody their company’s culture.

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