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Reflexiones internacionales sobre Bizkaia Creaktiva…


Varios de los ponentes que participaron en Bizkaia Creaktiva a finales de marzo han hecho comentarios sobre su visita a Bilbao en sus blogs.

Un adelanto:



“To be realistic; the wish from the local governement to be a Creative City is not very original; almost every city on Earth has defined its own Creative Resolution. We know that it is important for a city to have a creative industry; the people that are having their head filled with ideas can move things forward and change societies. But they need to be surrounded by like-minded people to share, discuss, learn, motivate and create new innovative ideas that change the(ir) world. … Bilbao should start a revolution! Yeah, bring in the chaos and see what happens. That is going to be an interesting experiment.”

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“This is Basque Country, land of the Euskaldunaks, a mysterious nation of outsiders who’ve been resisting Romanisation, and possibly even homo sapienisation, for thousands of years. There’s something of the unreconstructed Afrikaner about them, that fierce cultural pride, their determination to resist assimilation, their dark and introspective conservatism, the number of rare consonants in their writing, their eyebrows. … Between sessions I got chatting to some of the young and desperate creative attendees who’d come looking for support, jobs, patronage or just a glimmer of hope. Turns out they were all from San Francisco, the last place in Bilbao any respectable entrepreneur would want to start a business.”

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“Bizkaia needs to complement its global offer with the local. … Bizkaia Creaktiva’s forum last week explored the possibilities for this, opening up ideas for supporting entrepreneurs in a country where a legacy of the Franco dictatorship is a guardedness from small municipalites and creative organisations – a residual fear of sticking your neck out.”

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